Shareen Rivera

Ghostwriter / Speaker

Shareen came to TPW a little over a year ago frustrated trying to figure out how to become a inspirational speaker and share her books and message with the world and almost gave up. Since finishing The Powerhouse she is now a full-time entrepreneur making more money than she did when she worked a full-time job, has her own television show, and now is speaking on stages around the country and just spoke in front of 8,000 people.


Tisha Wylie

Chef / Cookbook Author

Tisha came to TPW because she lost her passion and movement with her catering and private chef business. Since completing The Powerhouse Tisha has published her first cook book and is now the host of her own Youtube Cooking show called Cooking with Tisha!


LaToya Fernandez

Educator / Activist

LoToya came to TPW with a vision to be a trailblazer in restorative justice and youth development but was frustrated trying to gain leeway herself. Since completing The Powerhouse she is now a published author, award winning leader and sought after educational community influencer with partnerships and contracts across the country.