Shareen Rivera

Ghostwriter / Speaker

Shareen came to TPW a little over a year ago frustrated trying to figure out how to become an inspirational speaker and share her books and message with the world and almost gave up. Since finishing The Powerhouse she is now a full-time entrepreneur making more money than she did when she worked a full-time job, has her own television show, and


Tisha Wylie

Chef / Cookbook Author

Tisha came to TPW because she lost her passion and movement with her catering and private chef business. Since completing The Powerhouse Tisha has published her first cook book and is now the host of her own Youtube Cooking show called Cooking with Tisha!


LaToya Fernandez

Educator / Activist

LaToya came to TPW with a vision to be a trailblazer in restorative justice and youth development but was frustrated trying to gain leeway herself. Since completing The Powerhouse she is now a published author, award-winning leader, and sought-after educational community influencer with partnerships and contracts across the country.

yanira guzman

Yanira Guzman

Career and Professional Development Coach

Yanira came to The Powerhouse Women hoping to start a resume writing business. She was tired of writing resumes for friends and family and helping them find their dream careers for free. She knew she had a gift and wanted to build a profitable business by maximizing her strengths. While in Powerhouse we built her Career Coaching business and she is now a full-time Entrepreneur closing educational contracts and high ticket career coaching packages.

fane leilani rogers

Fane Leilani Rogers 

CEO, Family Love Homecare

Fane came to the Powerhouse as an entrepreneur already but needed the motivation and strategy to close more sales, charge more, and consistently market her In-Home Care Business. Since graduating from Powerhouse her business has almost doubled in profits, visibility is through the roof and she is now charging the rates she deserves with CONFIDENCE. 

jeana jacobsen nunez

Jeana Jacobsen Nunez

Consumer Marketing Leader

Jeana came to The Powerhouse Women in hopes to rev up her consumer marketing business. During Powerhouse Academy she grew her customers and team consistently and nearly 10x her monthly income. 

ana rita reyes

Dolores Santa Cruz 

Scholarship Foundation CEO

Dolores came to The Powerhouse Women with a desire to start a scholarship foundation in her late husband's honor.  By the time she graduated from The Powerhouse Academy, the foundation was created with a full board of directors, funding opportunities, partnerships, and donations rolling in. 

ana rita reyes 2

Ana Rita Reyes 

Community Influencer

Ana Rita came to The Powerhouse Women with a desire to become more influential and impactful in her community. Since graduating The Powerhouse Academy Ana Rita has won several awards, become a book author, interviewed on tv and radio around the world and has built a Filipino community & following with over 3.5k members and  is now being considered for Political Office. 

dolores santa cruz

Maritza Maldonado

CEO, Culture Catalyst Consulting

Maritza had a desire to build a Corporate Culture Consulting Firm. With ideas floating in her head for years she never took action. Once she came to The Powerhouse Women we helped her refine the idea, services, pricing, and direction of the business. Her business officially launched and she is now starting to be seen by companies and booking calls for contracts.